Meet Trisna

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Meet Trisna

Occupation: Travel Writer/Videographer
Current City: Melbourne aka The Most Liveable City in the WORLD

List of Places I’ve Travelled: Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, tiny bit of Vietnam, Argentina, Brazil, Chilli, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, tiny bit of Panama, some of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and bits and pieces of Europe and some of Canada! So if you want any travel advice on any of these countries I’d be happy to help!

A bit about me: I’m a serial backpacker. I love how you can travel for months on end, live simply and stretch the money to explore and discover lots of beautiful new countries. Between the simple life and everyday life I like to holiday and check out hotels with a little bit of something something to them!

I’m 28, half Indonesian half Canadian, and because of this little mix people can never figure out where I’m from. Everywhere I go people think I’m a local. It’s great, I feel like a chameleon! I also have a goal to be fluent in another language by the time I’m 30. I already know a small bit of Indonesian and Spanish so my priority is one of those…. Times ticking though and I haven’t made much progress!

Top 3 places I’ve been: Always hard to pick just 3 but the ones that stand out the most are probably Brazil, Indonesia and Columbia AND Little Corn Island in Nicaragua!

Scariest thing I’ve ever done: Sky diving in Byron Bay Australia, it was my birthday and the friends I was with were really pressuring me to do it, I finally gave in, YOLO and all that nonsense got the best of me 🙂 So a few hours later we were soaring high in this tiny airplane all praying that we weren’t going to die. When the plane door opened, the wind was like nothing I’ve ever heard before it was terrifying, I freaked out and tried to back out! My instructor had to practically carry me to the opening (which was fairly easy because I was strapped to him and couldn’t go anywhere he didn’t go) he had to push me out of the plane door even as I was screaming NO! NO! and holding onto the sides of the door! Then all of a sudden I was plummeting to earth hoping to God that the parachute would open! I couldn’t open my eyes for most of the free fall, I was fully convinced I was going to die and I did not want to see how close death I was getting. I couldn’t relax until my feet finally touched the ground and saw the beaming faces of my friends running towards me!  The video is pretty funny and very embarrassing I’ll have to try and track it down to share one day.

3 Biggest fears: Sharks (jaws has really scarred me), cockroaches (which seem to be in abundance in every one of my favourite tropical countries, I’ve had many sleepless nights because of these speedy little critters) and heights, hence why the sky dive was so terrifying!

Favourite thing about going to a new country: FOOD! FOOD! And MORE FOOD! I always gain about 5KG when I travel because I love trying new foods. Penang in Malaysia is one of the best spots for food lovers, there’s so much to try.

1 Must have travel item: Definitely a camera! I’m a photo whore. I take photos of absolutely everything, food, people, landscapes, hotels, it really drives my boyfriend crazy sometimes! I constantly have to remind myself to put down the camera and savour the moment, the sights, the smells the entire experience instead of trying to capture the things that are impossible to capture. Maybe one day I need to take a camera free holiday I think it could do me some good!

Next on my must see list: Africa, for the animals, is really high up there especially because who knows how much longer some of those big beautiful creatures are going to be around ☹. I’ve also been dreaming of eating my way through Europe, loading up on wine and cheese and seafood from the Mediterranean… thinking about it is making me drool!

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Trisna is pinning, posting, gramming and sharing her favourite spots as she travels around the world. She just finished 8 months of travelling and backpacking through North and Central America, and finished with a week in Bali checking out some the hottest hotels around. Read all of her articles here and follow her on Facebook and Pinterest.


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