Travel in Style


7 Gadgets I Always Travel With

I love the whole concept of disconnecting from the digital world and embracing the real world while travelling (or on holiday), but being a…

Sunscreen Review

Sunscreen or Not?

Sunscreen or no sunscreen? Sounds wrong to even think of not wearing sunscreen, but there are reasons not to.  If you’ve been to a popular…

Beach inspired nail art designs

Beach Ready Nail Art Designs

Get beach ready nails with a range of designs including sharks, turtles, sandals, palm trees, flowers, anchors and of course stripes. Here are some of our favourite designs trending on Instagram.

Neoprene Swimwear beach look

Scuba Chic in Neoprene

Neoprene swimwear has been all the rage lately. The fabric is stretchy, soft and sculpts your curves. There are countless brands donning the neoprene swimwear look and we…