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Out of love for travel and design, former interior designer Elaine Brindamour based in Singapore, brings together all of her passions to create a travel website focusing on beautiful destinations, hotels, restaurants and exciting activities. Today, Elaine along with contributing writers share vacation ideas, reviews of the latest restaurants, suggestions for great hotels and tips on must do activities from their travels around Asia and the world.

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Meet the Writers

Suma writer Elaine Brindamour


This Canadian travel enthusiast resides in Singapore and is the co-founder of Suma Lifestyle. As a former interior designer, her love of travel brings her around the world visiting the hottest destinations while scoping out the trendiest hotels, bars, and restaurants.

With the addition of 2 kids, Elaine and her husband Tom are determined to prove life doesn’t stop after kids. 

Favorite destinations: Bali, Koh Samui and Nepal.
Favorite holiday activities: Snorkeling, shopping, and trying the local cuisine.
Favorite food: Pretty much everything, but top 3 would be Indian, Mexican, and seafood.
Favorite dessert: Cheesecake and crème brulé.
Favorite restaurants: DB Bistro (Singapore), Jaan (Singapore), Bridges (Vancouver, Canada), Ku De Ta (Bali).
Favorite hotels: So far, W Hotel Bali, and Fullerton Bay (Singapore), but will probably always be changing.
Hobbies: Photography, tennis, bike riding.
When not travelling home is: Singapore

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Suma Travel Writer Tom


This Canadian jetsetter currently lives in Singapore and is the co-founder of Suma Lifestyle. Being a full time professional speaker and trainer, Tom is a natural in front of the camera and often hosts Suma’s travel videos.

With a heritage of half Trinidadian and half Canadian, people often say he looks like Lewis Hamilton or Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), which he doesn’t mind at all.

Tom loves traveling from one stylish or exotic beach destination to another and sharing his reviews through blogs and video blogs. Where will he go next?

Favorite destinations: Krabi, Melbourne and Sentosa
Favorite holiday activities: Relaxing by the pool, enjoying local food and wine tours
Favorite food: Beer, Burgers and Beef Rendang
Favorite dessert: Ice Cream (Mint, Mango and Durian) and Banana or Yam Kolak
Favorite restaurants: Rise at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, anywhere in Soho, Hong Kong and street food throughout Southeast Asia
Favorite hotels: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort (Singapore), Railay Great View Resort & Spa Krabi (Thailand), Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel & Spa (Vietnam)
Hobbies: Tennis, Golf and Reading
When not travelling home is: Singapore

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This adventure seeker has traveled extensively throughout Australia, Southeast Asia and South America spending months on end going from one destination to the next conquering wonders of the world and her own fears as she sky dives in Australia, climbs to Machu Picchu in Peru and dives with turtles in the Gilis in Indonesia.

Trisna is now calling Melbourne, Australia home where she shares her outdoor adventures and on the table dining experiences.

Favorite destinations: Bali, Florianopolis, Krabi, Sihanoukville
Favorite holiday activities: Treking, diving, relaxing on the beach and checking out local food and nightlife
Favorite food: Pho, fresh seafood on the beach, and Thai prawn salad
Favorite dessert: Fresh tropical fruits: mangosteen, mango, rambutan,
Favorite restaurants: Jumbo Crab Seafood Singapore, The Boat House Vancouver, Kadoya Vancouver
When not travelling home is: Melbourne, Australia

More about TrisnaTrisna’s articles


Originally from San Diego, California, Whitney taught ESL for ten years, both in the U.S. and most recently in Korea. She’s now a freelance writer, which enables her to work while roaming the world. After six months in Southeast Asia, she’s now in Italy writing, taking pictures, eating everything she sees—and trying to find the motivation to work between adventures! Follow her on Instagram @_the_spaces_between_.

Favorite destinations: Italy and Vietnam 
Favorite holiday activities: Taking pictures, eating, and riding around on a scooter 
Favorite food: Cheese in all its glorious forms  
Favorite dessert: Cheesecake (duh) and gelato 
Favorite restaurants: Anything ending in “-bertos” in California 
Favorite hotels: East West Villas (Hoi An, Vietnam) 
Hobbies: Photography and yoga 
When not travelling home is: San Diego, California 

Suma Travel Writer CarmenCarmen

Inspired by her adventurous friend Veronica, Carmen decided to skip summer semester and explore the world outside her school’s boundaries. From backpacking up the East Coast of Australia to trekking through Borneo’s lush rainforest, follow Carmen as she makes discoveries about life that can’t be taught in school.

Carmen is a published author having contributed a story to the “Chicken Soup Series” “Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul”.

Favorite destinations:  Cairns, Sipadan, Krabi
Favorite holiday activities: Scuba diving, sun tanning and meeting new friends from around the world
Favorite food: Sushi, pasta and mangosteen
Favorite dessert: Chocolate hazelnut cake
Favorite restaurants: Mama Chicken’s on Railay Beach, Joey’s
Favorite hotels: Le Méridien (Kota Kinabalu), Rainforest Lodge in Danum Valley
Hobbies: Running, reading and writing
When not travelling home is: Vancouver, Canada

Carmen’s articles


Veronica not only likes to soak up rays on the beach, she also likes to explore city sights and is always eager to attend the next music festival. Join her as she travels around Australia and Asia and she shares her under and above water adventures.

Favorite destinations: Mui Ne, Vietnam & Tonsai, Thailand
Favorite holiday activities: surfing, skim boarding, hiking, snowboarding, scootering, biking, exploring, EATING!
Favorite food: green curry, rice paper rolls, satay, tropical fruit
Favorite dessert: bubble tea, es kacang, mango ice cream, cheese cake
Favorite restaurants: little cheap stalls found almost everywhere in Asia
Favorite hotels: Marina Bay Sands, The Art Series Hotel: The Cullen
Hobbies: soccer, snowboarding, yoga, camping, discovering new music, watching live music, dancing
When not travelling home is: Vancouver, Canada