Organic Farming Experience at Kaliandra Eco Resort

After arriving at Surabaya Airport at 10PM, we began the 1-hour drive to Kaliandra Eco Resort, located on the slope of Mount Arjuno. The first thing I noticed, getting out of the van, was how chilly it was. OK, by chilly, it was probably 20 degrees Celsius. Yes, I'm Canadian, born in Ottawa and have withstood -30 degree Celsius winters. In my defence, having lived in Singapore the past 5 years, I've grown accustomed to (and much prefer) +30 degree Celsius winters, thank you very much.

At 6:30AM, I was awakened by a fellow bloggers ringtone. He was in another cottage and it still woke me up. His ringtone? Military wake-up trumpet! Breakfast was a rice porridge of organic ingredients with shredded chicken, chives as well as sweet and savoury sauces, all mixed together. I love 'stick to your ribs' meals, especially on chilly mornings. OK, it was 22 degrees Celsius but as I said, it was chilly for me!

Organic Breakfast at Kaliandra Eco Resort

After our breakfast, we were escorted by a local guide from the resort through the village below, on our way to the rice paddies walking tour. The village had everything from huge spiders, cute kittens, a woman making rope from old clothes and people doing laundry in the streams.

Village near Kaliandra Eco Resort

The rice paddies walking tour was an eye-opening experience. I had little idea how much labour went into growing this 'commodity' we often take for granted. Our guide re-assured us that most of the organic rice grown there is consumed by the local farmers or sold in the Surabaya markets.

Organic Farming Rice Paddies near Kaliandra Eco Resort

We drove back to Kaliandra Eco Resort for a tour of the property. Our guide also mentioned that a portion of the profits from the resort, go to the Kaliandra S.E.J.A.T.I. Foundation to help the community improve the standard of living for the locals and make sure the resources are well-managed. For accommodation, you can choose from bungalows, cottages and lodges in traditional Indonesian design.

They offer several packages including: Batik and Grass Puppet Course, Cultural and Traditional Music Learning and Organic Farming Learning for a deeper appreciation of the food served in their restaurant. For corporate retreats, they also have Outbound and Leadership Training Programs as well as a meeting hall for 100 people.

Tour of Kaliandra Eco Resort

With the 'Eco' part of the tour done, it was time for the 'Resort' part. It was 11:30AM and time for my Enzyme Therapy Bath, popularised by the Japanese Cedar Enzyme Bath. I was about to be submerged for 15 minutes in wood chips treated with enzymes heated to 70 degrees Celsius. After having my blood pressure checked by the nurse, I was cleared for the treatment. In case you're wondering, my blood pressure was a healthy 100/70, compared with one of my fellow bloggers who was 120/70. Of course, it's not a competition, but if it was... I digress.

It was unsettling at first watching two people dig a whole for me, but once I got in, it was so relaxing. The 70 degree Celsius temperature was comfortable and the hardest part was not being able to scratch my itchy nose. Mind over matter!

Enzyme Therapy Bath at Kaliandra Eco Resort

Some of the reported health benefits include: relief from aches and pains, stress reduction and calming of nerves. It was the perfect way to end my stay at Kaliandra Eco Resort before the 4-hour drive to Mount Bromo!

Question: What was the most unique spa treatment you've ever received? 

Kaliandra Eco Resort
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