Orangutan Rehab in Kuching

Orang utan rehabilitation center Kuching, Malaysia

Just 45 minutes outside of Kuching is an orangutan rehabilitation centre that allows you to see them in person, while also supporting their cause. Many of the animals in the Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre have had a tough life, being confiscated from their owners/ customs or brought in by members of the public and rangers.

A visit to the wildlife center is an opportunity to support a great cause and see orangutans without any fences or cages. Arrange a visit around their feeding times to ensure an up close encounter with these magnificent animals. A quiet walk through the park without the crowds will allow you to see orangutans in their more natural habitat and maybe catch a glimpse of a mom and  her baby.

Sarawak Forestry
Kuching, Malaysia
T: (+6) 082 610088
W: www.sarawakforestry.com
E: info@sarawakforestry.com

Semenggoh Wildlife Centre
T: (+6) 082 618423

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