The Best Places To Get Affordable Japanese Food In Singapore

best places for cheap japanese food in singapore

Japanese food is huge in Singapore, though for many years it was only available for upscale prices at particularly fancy establishments. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, as foodies around the country have started opening their own Japanese restaurants with more than reasonable prices. Let’s take a look at just some of the most affordable Japanese joints Singapore has to offer.

1. Koji Sushi Bar

Located in China Square Central, Koji Sushi Bar is a favourite amongst Japanese food lovers who don’t want to spend all their hard-earned money on noodles and broth. There’s plenty to choose from including bara chirashi, which costs just $17 and is served fresh in a bowl. Most meals come with a complementary side salad as well as miso soup, and the most expensive option costs just $23 so you can guarantee a big meal with small prices. This diner is especially popular during lunch times, so for an experience like no other make sure you get there around noon.

2. Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Café

Over on Orchard Road, you’ll find Sun with Moon, a gorgeous establishment that blends dining and café concepts seamlessly. Every option on the menu is inspired by authentic, traditional Japanese food, even the more modern dishes that have been recently created by the visionary Executive Chef Mr. Toshio Sawai. Sure does sound fancy, doesn’t it? Well, of course it is and there are some expensive dishes on their menu but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. At Sun with Moon they have a 1-for-1 for $1 option which includes chicken teriyaki don and salmon sashimi salad, while their otsumami options are all under $10. Even some of their seafood meals are reasonably priced, with the soft-shell crab tempura coming in at just $17.98.

3. Teppei Japanese Restaurant & Hana Hana

Japanese dishes are made up of seafood, it’s just a fact of Japanese cuisine, but for those of you who don’t enjoy fish or shellfish Teppei has a tempura set lunch that costs between $16.50 and $19.80. This is just one of the reasons why Teppei is almost always fully booked, though this may also be due to the quality of service and the food they serve. Meanwhile, this restaurant’s other establishment, Hana Hana, is equally as popular during lunch times and literally sits right next door. You can usually walk into either restaurant for lunch without reservations, but if you want an evening meal you best plan it months in advance.

4. Nanbantei

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Finally, we have the king of bento restaurants, Nanbantei. For just $13.50 you can get the yakitori bento with quail eggs, mushrooms, rice and yakitori grilled over charcoal on skewers and served in a classic bento box. Other lunch time menu items include a saba shioyaki set with grilled salted mackerel and a kitsune udon set with fried bean curd and deep-fried chicken, both of which cost just $14. Do bear in mind that this restaurant's dinner menu is far more expensive than its lunch one, but you never know you might be so impressed by their bento boxes that you shell out for an evening meal.

Japanese cuisine really is amazing, so it’s only fair that everyone should get to experience it now and again regardless of their income. Let us know if you’ve ever visited any of these locations, or if you have a favourite elsewhere, in the comments below.

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