7 Gadgets I Always Travel With

I love the whole concept of disconnecting from the digital world and embracing the real world while travelling (or on holiday), but being a geek means you’ll inevitably find lots of gadgets in my backpack.

From a charging cable that doubles as a bottle opener to wide angle lens attachments for my iPhone, I like being well equipped.

So instead of writing up a long post about each of the things I carry I decided to create a graphic instead. Check it out below and let me know what you think. I'd also love to know what your most important gadgets are – let us know in the comments!



Tablets are so useful for in-flight and hotel entertainment. When you've got a bit of down-time after a long, tiring day, it's nice to kick back and catch up on your favourite TV series or games.

Two of our favourites are the iPad mini for its sleek style and plethora of available apps as well as the well priced Kindle Fire Tablet that gives you everything you need to pack a whole library of books in one small package.

Cameras & Lenses

For high quality photos/videos nothing beats a DSLR camera, but attachable smartphone lenses can also grab wide angle & fisheye shots. They're small and inexpensive.

We shoot with mostly Canon DSLRs both the 70D and an entry level Rebel. Lenses are what make the biggest difference to picture quality, so skip the kit lens and start with the Tamron 17-50mm and the Canon 50mm. Mirrorless cameras are great too!


Whether you're rocking noise-cancellation tech or simple in-ear buds, headphones are going to help keep out the noise on busy commutes and help you unwind in the process.

Our tech bag includes both Sennheiser over ear headphones as well as urBeats in-ear headphones which are surprisingly also very noise cancelling.


As long as it's super portable (and ideally waterproof), Bluetooth speakers are brilliant for the hotel, pool-side or even shower entertainment while you're away on your travels. Our favourite little grab and go speaker is the UE Boom.

Battery Packs

Don't compromise on this one; battery packs are absolutely essential. From action cams to smartphones, you'll be needing the extra power after taking so many photos and videos!

Adapters & Cables

Don't forget to pack power plug adapters for the country you're visiting and be sure to pack extra cables to keep your smartphones, tablets, cameras and other gear charged up!

We especially love all-in-one travel power plugs that include USB charging ports.

GPS Apps

Before you go, download any GPS, translation and travel-guide apps. Even if you're going with the flow, you can rely on these apps as a fallback if you get stuck and need a geeky hand.

Intro and infographic by Fabio from Fab Meets World. Tech suggestions by Elaine from Suma.

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