Saving Nemo in Thailand

Clown fish

During our recent flight from Koh Samui to Phuket, I was browsing through Bangkok Airways inflight magazine "FahThai" and found this great article "Saving Nemo" about the clown fish. This fish is so well know and loved that I have had people describe to me about how great the snorkeling is in an area by saying "you can see nemo fish!" As in that is all you need to know to want to go snorkeling in a certain area. The sad thing is the popularity of the clown along with climate change created a large demand for the clown fish in aquariums causing over fishing to supply these demands. It's sad to realize the small things we do, can make a huge difference to our environment. The love of the clown fish caused it to reach near extinction.

Luckily, the Mu Ko Chang National Park authority and the local diving community stepped in to reintroduce the clown fish to the area. You can read the fascinating way they are returning the clown fish to the area in the original article "Saving Nemo"

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