Moonlight Cinema – Movies Under the Stars

Moonlight Cinema Perth

In the summertime when nights are warm, there is no reason why watching movies has to be indoors in overly cold movie theatres. Especially with the array of outdoor cinemas found around Australia. We visited the Moonlight Cinema in Perth where you can watch recently released or classic movies under the stars.

Bring a blanket or rent a beanbag while you dig into dinner and break open a bottle of wine while waiting for your movie to begin. Half the fun is arriving early to socialise in the park.  As the sun starts to set, birds are chirping in the background with the occasional bird flying accros the screen. It all makes for a very romantic atmosphere.

Once the movie starts, the crowd quiets down except for the occasional laugh in unison. This could quiet possibly be the most fun way to enjoy a movie. Then when the movie is over and the crowd starts to clear, the last reminder of where you are is the park’s resident ducks waddling in to help clean up any fallen crumbs. Good things happen when modern conveniences and nature combine.

Moonlight Cinema Perth
Synergy Parkland, Kings Park
Perth, Western Australia

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