Wave House Sentosa

WaveHouse Flowrider
Singapore might not have any natural waves, but don’t let that stop you from surfing in the island country. The Wave House, located right on Siloso beach on Sentosa offers two wave simulation machines, the Double FlowRider and the FlowBarrel. The Double FlowRider is the more basic of the two and is a great way to start riding the waves. For more advanced riders, the FlowBarrel creates 6ft endless tube waves.

Wave House FlowBarrel

Besides endless fun on the sheet waves, the Wave House offers a cool atmosphere to chill and watch the action. With an indoor and outdoor eating area, an outdoor bar, and amazing food, it’s easy to spend a whole day here.

Wave House Bar

Wave House Sentosa
Siloso Beach, Sentosa
T: +65 6377 3113

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