Beach Cruisers

In life you can either putter along or you can cruise in style. We prefer to cruise in style especially when it comes to cruising the beach. Here are some of my favorite beach cruisers.

Women's BE Cruiser by sixthreezero

Women's BE Cruiser by sixthreezero
A simple white framed bike is glammed up with embossed blue floral designs on the seat and handle bars.

Corvette Deluxe Cruiser

Corvette Deluxe Beach Cruiser by Schwinn
With a bike like this, even a guy in a black leather jacket and sleeked back hair can look cool on a bike.

Debutante Beach Cruiser

Debutante Beach Cruiser by Schwinn
Show off your girly side with this bright red frame with black and white floral patterns

Dakota Men 1 speed

Dakota Men's 1 Speed by Johnny Loco
Go retro with stark white and neon orange trim and seat

Dutch Delight Women

Dutch Lady Delight by Johnny Loco
With accessories like a milk crate for the front, this bike just makes me want to have things to carry.

Dakota Cargo Cruiser

Dakota Cargo Cruiser by Johnny Loco
Transport those kids in style! I'm thinking how I could fit a cooler, beach umbrellas, a couple folding chairs and maybe even a dog in there!

cruiser with surfboard rack

Bike surfboard rack by Huntington
Yeah it looks cool to carry your surf board under your arm on your bike as you head to the beach, but this bike rack looks equally cool.

Katy Perry beach cruiser

Katy Perry rides a beach cruiser, need I say more?

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  • California Bikes This cruiser also has a forward pedaling desigen, meaning the pedals are shifted four inches forward to allow for better leg extension and more open and comfortable seating postiion.

  • Hi! Dya know anywhere we could get beach cruisers in Singapore? I’m having much trouble finding a shop which sells it!

      • Thanks for the info Elaine! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve heard of tokyo bikes but they are way out of my budget. I’ll be sure to check out the dutch bikes you mentioned and you’ll definitely hear from me if I find anything! Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi Crystal, did you manage to find any?

          I am searching for a beach cruiser myself. Hopefully you can provide some assistance. ๐Ÿ˜€

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