Healesville Sanctuary Victoria

Healesville, Victoria

The Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria is a great place to see a wide array of Australian animals and wildlife. The sanctuary is so big you need a full day there to fully see and enjoy all the sites. You can watch a reptile show and a bird show or view animals out in the open.

Healesville, Victoria

You can also see nocturnal animals in a dark enclosed area.  During my visit I got to see koalas up close resting in trees, a wombat, some Tasmanian devils and many more animals. My favorite part of the sanctuary was seeing an active platypus and feeding/petting kangaroos.

The Healesville Sanctuary is a great way to see and interact with all of Australia’s wildlife in one place.

Healesville Sanctuary
Badger Creek Road
Healesville Victoria 3777
Tel: 61-3-5957 2800

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