5 Christmas Traditions from Around the World to Incorporate This Festive Season

Christmas traditions around the world guinness and mince pie

Give Santa Guinness and a Mince Pie

Forget the milk and cookies, you know Santa would rather have a beer and something more substantial. Steal this Christmas tradition from the Guinness loving country of Ireland.

Christmas traditions from around the world

Eat at Midnight

Why go through the torture of trying to sleep through the night, you know your inner child would much rather start feasting at midnight of Christmas Eve followed by opening of presents. It will after all be officially Christmas! Follow this tradition called Noche Buena which is celebrated in Spain, Latin America and the Philippines.

Christmas traditions from around the world cookies

Eat Christmas Cookies all December Long

Start your Christmas celebrations four Sundays before Christmas with an Advent wreath of fir or pine branches that has four colored candles. Light a candle on the wreath each Sunday before and spend the evening singing Christmas songs and eating Christmas cookies. What a great way to maximise the festive season. This tradition is borrowed from Germany.

Christmas traditions from around the world

Try a New Christmas Dessert

If your family always does a log cake or fruit trifle for Christmas dessert, try something new for a change. In England, a popular treat is Christmas pudding which is a dense cake filled with dried fruit and laced with brandy. For something more likely to be enjoyed by the whole family try an Italian Christmas cake like the Pandora which is a star shaped sweet bread. Another option is a Spanish pumpkin flan made with cream cheese, it's sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Christmas traditions from around the world

Get a Bucket of Fried Chicken

If you're feeling really lazy and want an excuse to just order fried chicken from KFC, go ahead and say you're following a Japanese Christmas tradition. This is after all, all the rage in Japan, with lineups out the door.

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