Harry Potter: The Exhibition

As a big fan of Harry Potter, I was thrilled when I found out about Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum. Right after having a wonderful tour of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel I got to check out famous paintings and props at the Art Science Museum!

The first thing I did when I entered the ArtScience Museum was go straight down to the bottom floor where Harry Potter: The Exhibition was. I entered a room where a girl in wizard clothes held a "sorting hat" and brought up volunteers to announce what Hogwarts House they belonged in. Then we were all lead into another room where there were many screens that showed a montage of all the Harry Potter films, getting me really excited for the rest of the tour.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition Quidditch

A walk around the exhibit brought me through various Harry Potter movie settings including one showcasing Quidditch™, the popular sport of the wizarding world. Here I could see different Quidditch costumes and props including the Golden Snitch, the Quidditch World Cup and Harry's Nimbus 2000 broom. Guests can try their hand at Quidditch, toss a Quaffle and earn points for their house.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition Hagrids hut

In Hagrid's hut pictured above, Rubeus Hagrid's™ living quarters are recreated complete with props like dragon eggs, animal cages and his trusty pink umbrella. Guests even have the opportunity to sit in Hagrid's chair.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition Harry's wand, glasses and map

Throughout the exhibit are many original props used on set including Harry Potter's eyeglasses, Hogwarts™ acceptance letter, the Marauder's Map and his wand.

Being surrounded by the sets and props made me feel like I was in the movie and brought flashbacks of the film. Any Harry Potter fan would love this exhibition and enjoy being part of the movie's history.

Harry Potter The Exhibition
ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands
2 June 2012 - 30 September 2012
Admission: $24 (Adult Non-Singapore Resident)

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